Welcome to Our Zoo!

To get everything started I want to introduce myself and all of my fur-babies. My name is Lindsay, I am 26 years old. I have lived in Virginia all my life. I currently live with my husband, Greg, in the small town of Mathews. Let’s start introducing the babies!!

Our zoo began when we got Snoopy in 2010 at 8 weeks old. He is going strong at seven years of age. He is grumpy, stubborn and definitely the alpha of this pack. He is wayyy too smart for his own good and always getting into something. Next came along Teddy. I started looking for another dog to get because Snoopy always had terrible separation anxiety. One day I read something that suggested getting another dog to help alleviate some of that. That was the day my search began. I found Teddy through some people on craigslist, but I forgot to ask one important question. How old were the puppies (they told us they were ready to go, so I assumed they were old enough). We got there and mama dog was no where to be found, but I could tell these pups were too young. The man said they were five weeks old and I couldn’t just leave him. The day Teddy came home, I drove most of the way with him on my lap. This resulted in me getting pulled over to get a ticket. It definitely put a damper on things, but once we got him home I knew we had made the right decision. Since Teddy was so young I ended up with another slightly neurotic dog, but Snoopy has always seemed to want to comfort him. Daisy also came from Craigslist (a website I now avoid since I always seem to end up wanting another one of the many homeless pets. ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!). She was being given away free to a good home at only 11 months of age. Her previous family had gotten her from a pet store as a puppy. They just had a baby and didn’t want her anymore. I shudder at the thought of what might have happened to her if I had not been the one to pick her up that day. Lily was my husband’s decision. He had always wanted a husky, even though he struggles to deal with all the dog hair in our lives. When she arrived Snoopy really struggled with having another puppy in the house. I think he sometimes relishes the days when he was our only baby. Their little pack is quite harmonious now and they don’t like to be separated from each other.

Georgie our first cat was a foster cat for a pet sitting client of mine. I never wanted to have indoor cats of my own. Georgie had a really rough start in life and would have died if he hadn’t found a foster. While I was watching him he really wormed his way into my heart. He really didn’t like my husband at first and I worried about bringing him home. He came into his own so quickly though when we brought him home, it was meant to be! Franklin is our little bridge kitty, he is named after the Captain of the U.S.S. Merrimack, Franklin Buchanan. We found him on the Monitor Merrimack Bridge Tunnel on our way home from the zoo one day. Georgie was a little apprehensive the day little Franklin came home, but they are inseparable now.

Brownie and Oreo are our two little house buns. They are fun loving and adorable. We are pretty sure they think the cats are funny looking bunnies and vice versa. They don’t get to spend anytime with the dogs, it just wouldn’t be a good idea, but they love hopping around with the cats.

That’s a basic introduction of our little zoo!!

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