Happy 4th of July!!

I love the 4th of July! So far this year to celebrate we have been to several cookouts and family gatherings. However, as much as I love the fireworks each year I worry about my babies and how it affects them. I can only imagine having no idea that loud booming noises are about to ensue for no explainable reason. I don’t think I would be very calm either!!

So as a worried pet mommy I went out and got everyone new collars. I also went ahead and got everyone new tags. I made sure they all had up to date information. They will be home during the fireworks safe and sound in their crates, but I am a little bit of a worrier. It definitely does not help that all the Facebook groups I am in keep getting flooded with people looking for their scared dogs.

My oldest boy Snoopy is I worry about the most. He was staying at our in laws one time before we had any other dogs and was left out during a thunderstorm. I was non too happy when I heard about this, but Snoopy seemed no worse for wear at the time. Since that day though anytime there are loud booming noises, he freaks and my heart breaks for him.

So while everyone enjoys this celebratory day, just remember your pets or your neighbors pets who may be having a rough go of it. Be considerate whenever possible. Freedom doesn’t need to be enjoyed recklessly. Happy Independence Day everyone!!

Personalized Dog ID Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name & Phone Number - 4 Adjustable Sizes with Secure Side-Release Buckle.

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