Yesterday after cutting the back yard I decided to indulge myself with a little treat, some Starburst. I’m sure many of you are familiar with these delightful candies, but if you are not get yourself some here: Starburst Original Fruit Chews Candy Bag, 41 ounce, (2 Bags). Also for the record I do not recommend or condone sharing your starburst with you dogs. However, Lily my adorable crazy eyed husky may have had some on occasion. And let me tell you…this girl cannot get enough. I’m slightly concerned at this point about what exactly is in starburst because whenever there is one within a ten mile radius she goes insane!! While I was trying to enjoy my candy time yesterday she gazed so intently at me, mentally begging for me to share with her. Alas this time I did not. My coworkers at the vet I work always fuss at me for sharing with her. I have such a hard time denying her though. Starburst employees if you ever had the pleasure of reading this little blurb please realize that I am the proud owner of starburst’s biggest fan.

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